Inexpensive dental credit for a beautiful smile

February 6, 2020 0 Comments

Funding for dentures, implants and more. If your teeth are clearly damaged and you need root canal treatment, crowns, bridges or even a prosthesis, a visit to the dentist can be really expensive. Statutory health insurance companies generally only pay fixed fixed allowances for dentures, so that the insured person has to cover part of the costs themselves.

If there are aesthetic concerns or special requests, the health insurance companies often do nothing and the treatment must be financed out of one’s own pocket. Depending on the treatment and individual tooth condition, several hundred to thousand USD can easily come together here.

The credit for your dental treatment

The credit for your dental treatment

Most patients are unable to fund treatment out of their own pocket and therefore need a loan to support them. With a cheap dental loan, the costs of the treatment can be advanced and then conveniently paid off in monthly installments. Such a loan helps to finance the dental treatment’s own contribution, which is often still quite high, because health insurance companies only have fixed grants that cover a small part of the bill. Even private dental supplement insurance is often not sufficient if it is an expensive treatment.

And if you want to have your misaligned teeth corrected in adulthood, you have to bear the costs yourself if the issue is purely aesthetic. Because mostly you choose so-called harmony splints and invisible braces, which do not impair the look, because very few want to appear with a classic brace at the workplace. Depending on the treatment, it can easily cost several thousand USD.

When borrowing teeth, you should not hastily accept the first best offer. Even if your dentist’s offer is the cheapest and most convenient solution at first glance, it is advisable to compare other offers. For example, personal loans are often the cheaper option for loans from banks or the doctor being treated.

Before the loan application

Before the loan application

Before you take out a loan, it is best to have your dentist prepare a healing and cost plan for you. Have the treatment steps explained in detail and do not hesitate to ask about cheaper alternatives or other treatment options. You can also get a second opinion from another dentist if you have any doubts that the offer from your dentist is really optimal. Health insurance patients do not have to pay anything to set up such a cost plan. With the help of this cost plan, you then know exactly what amount will be covered by the health insurance and which costs you will still have to bear. If you can present a complete bonus booklet to the health insurance company, this can certainly reduce the dental treatment’s contribution.

Of course, it always depends on what type of intervention you want or need to have. Health insurance companies often do nothing for purely aesthetic treatments. If the personal contribution for dental treatment is very high and you do not have the financial means, you can finance the treatment costs with a dental loan.

Funding opportunities

Funding opportunities

Many dentists now offer their patients a financing option for dentures or other treatments directly in the practice. To this end, the dentists work with partner banks, through which they are able to offer their patients installment payments. This is a convenient option for the patient and appears to be particularly cheap at first glance. However, if the term of the loan exceeds 6 months, interest rates usually rise significantly. Many patients can be moved to a usually more expensive treatment in this way and thus run the risk of overconsidering themselves financially with a more expensive treatment.

As another option, many are considering an installment loan from your bank or the overdraft facility. When it comes to installment loans, it is advisable to compare different offers from different banks and pay attention to the amount of the annual percentage rate. This value serves as an indication of the actual price of a loan, since all fees are included and not just the monthly debit interest. The use of the overdraft facility is not advisable, especially if the repayment extends over a longer period, since the monthly interest is higher than with a normal installment loan.

Fellow Finance dental loans are a simple and inexpensive alternative. A good alternative to loans from dentists or banks are private dental loans, which you can apply for online easily and without red tape. For example, at Fellow Finance you can apply for dental loans from USD 1,000 to USD 10,000. The loan search is carried out anonymously via the Fellow Finance credit platform. You can have a say in the amount of the interest rate and adjust the amount of the monthly installments to your financial needs. Your loan request appears on the service platform and can then be financed by private investors. If these private lenders agree to your terms, the business is concluded and nothing stands in the way of financing your dental treatment. The loan amount is repaid in monthly installments at a fixed interest rate that does not change during the term.

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